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Mothers are the heart of healthy families, vibrant communities and prosperous societies.

As caregivers, breadwinners and role models, mothers provide us with the support and love we need to thrive.

Mothers nurture the virtues, morals and traditions that form the fabric of our societies.

When mothers are healthy, we unlock a cycle of prosperity that benefits everyone.

The 'For Mama' campaign launched as a response to the urgent - but solvable - global maternal health crisis.

Mothers give us life and now it's our turn to give all we can for mama.

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Launched by a coalition of U.S. and U.K. faith-inspired philanthropies and donors, For Mama aims to raise awareness of the high rates of maternal deaths around the world, which impact our most vulnerable women whose needs and experiences are too often overlooked.

Most of these deaths are entirely preventable with existing tools and access to consistent, quality care throughout pregnancy.

The campaign challenges all of us to think what we can — and should do — 'for mama' to ensure that life-saving interventions reach the mothers and babies who need them most.

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Mothers are at the heart of our families and societies. Faith teaches us that heaven lies beneath the feet of our mothers.


For too long mothers in our communities have faced an urgent health crisis. Every two minutes a woman dies during pregnancy and childbirth leaving an unimaginable loss.


We have the power to prevent nearly all maternal deaths with existing tools and proven interventions. Join the movement and sign the 'For Mama' pledge to show your support for baby and for mama.


I stand with the For Mama campaign in calling for an end to preventable maternal deaths. A future where every mother, and her babies, can thrive starts today with me. It starts with us.

I pledge to support the women, mothers and babies in my life, in my community and globally. I call on all members of my community to do the same.

We have the solutions to this crisis. They are affordable and they are possible today, right now.

It's time to ensure:
  • Respectful, high-quality care through pregnancy and delivery for baby and for mama.
  • Skilled healthcare providers and accessible health clinics and hospitals for baby and for mama.
  • Proven tools and life-saving interventions for baby and for mama.
Mothers give us life and now it's our turn to give all we can for mama.

2 Minutes

Every 2 minutes a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth.

2x Higher

Maternal and infant mortality rates are 2x as high in Muslim-majority countries.

2/3 Deaths

Well-trained midwives could help prevent 2/3 of all maternal and newborn deaths.

40% of Deaths

More than 40% of newborn deaths could be prevented by proven interventions like skilled birth attendance.


As a mom to twins who just turned one, I've only recently begun to hear the very sweet sounds of someone calling me 'mama'. It's something I don't take for granted -- knowing that every two minutes a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. What gives me hope is also knowing that stat is preventable, and that a campaign like 'For Mama' is one of the first steps.

Malika Bilal

International News Journalist

Nearly all maternal and newborn deaths are entirely preventable with existing tools and access to consistent, quality care throughout pregnancy.

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